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City Facts

Ernakulam is a complex structured city, being the headquarters of the name-sake district and the mainland of Cochin city at the same time. There is not much distinction between Ernakulam and Cochin which are only separated by the spreading backwaters, with various tiny natural islands that form the subland, and the railway stations. The city is well connected by air, roads and railways. The unique feature of the city is its ferry services to Vypeen, Mattancherry, Fort Cochin, Varapuzha, Willington Island and Bolghatty Island. Ernakulam district is a beneficiary of two most important rivers - Periyar and Muvattupuzha. Confluence of 3 rivers, Kaliyar, Thodupuzhayar and Kothamangalam, occurs at Muvattupuzha and hence it is called so.border

  • Quick Facts
  • Average temperature (Celsius):
  • Summer(Mar-May): 30°c
  • Monsoon (Jun-Mid-Sep): 25°c
  • Winter (Sep-Feb): 26°c
  • Average rainfall: 310cm

Unique Buys

Image File Ernakulam is the place for gorgeous silk saris, intricately designed gold and silver jewellery and the more ornate temple jewellery.


Image File Explore a new area. Be inspired by another culture. The Mercy Hotel wants to help you get as much as possible out of every travel experience. Here are some local attractions and intriguing destinations we think you’ll like.

Jewish Synagogue

Image File Built in 1568, the synagogue is adorned with exquisite Chinese hand-painted tiles and houses the Great Scrolls of the Old Testament in copper. This is where the grants of privileges made by the Kochi rulers were recorded.

Mattancherry Palace

Image File Also known as the Dutch Palace, it was built by the Portuguese and presented to the Raja of Kochi in 1555. Its interiors are resplendent with murals inspired by the Ramayana and the palace houses a display of royal costumes and palanquins.

St. Francis Church

Image File Erected in 1510 by the Portuguese, the protestant church is believed to be the oldest European-built church in India. It was here that the remains of Vasco Da Gama were buried before being taken to Portugal fourteen years later.

Santa Cruz Basilica Church

Image File Situated very close to the St. Francis Church, this Roman Catholic church with its interesting paintings is well worth a visit.

Bolghatty Palace

Image File The narrow palm-fringed island of Boghatty is home to this beautiful palace, which was built by the Dutch in 1744, and later became the seat of the British Resident.

Willingdon Island

Image File A man-made island, Willingdon is situated between mainland Ernakulam and the old town of Mattancherry. It is now an important part of the city with the Southern Naval Command Headquaters, Naval Airport and many other government establishments choosing it as their base.

Hill Palace Museum

Image File Sculptures, rare coins and ancient manuscripts from the days of the Cochin royal family, are just some of the artifacts on display at this museum.

Museum of Kerala History

Image File Light and sound depict Kerala’s diverse history in this unique museum.

M.N.F. Gallery of Paintings and Sculptures

Image File Two hundred original paintings from renowned artists - past and present - along with sculptures made from marble, granite and bronze amongst others, are on display in this popular gallery.


The preferred language of communication amongst the local population is Malayalam. However, English is widely spoken as the language of commerce and hence visitors should have no problem getting around.


The Rupee is the official and only accepted currency while you travel around India. Though credit cards are accepted in major stores across the city, it is advisable to keep denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 Rupee notes at hand.

Foreign currency can be converted at the hotel’s foreign exchange , at exchange houses at the airports and at most travel agencies. Food & Culture

Coconut dominates the Kerala food culture. Rice and curry, vegetable for vegetarians or fish for non-vegetarians, are the staple foods of the people in this area. Nendranga Chips, made from a banana native to Kerala, is famous across the world. Chilli, Cumin, Dill Seed, Fennel, Fenugreek and Garlic are important spices in the cuisine of the state.

Kerala's cultural background seems to have been unaffected by the invasion by many dynasties. This is reflected in the many temples of Kerala, including the ones in Ernakulam. The Keralites are staunch preservers of their traditional arts, and there are four centers in and around Ernakulam promoting Kathakali – their classical dance form. The town also has centers for Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest martial arts on earth.


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